Thursday, 17 November 2016 09:14

Routines and Rituals

Earlier this year I had the great opportunity to attend Harvard University's Dr Mark Church's seminar on Visible Thinking. Dr Church presented on the value of making thinking visible in the classroom and how to create time and space for thinking to occur and develop in the classroom. 

Dr Church gave examples of thinking routines in the classroom. Routine is, of course, a loaded word meaning that an action is repeated to the point that it becomes habitual and part of your everyday being. One of his routines he used and we viewed a video of in action, was 'Claim, Support, Question' Claim -idea or belief about the topic, Support - What supports that idea? Question - What isn't answered? What's left hanging? - the nice thing about this was how it could work over a period of time as students used the routine to test their claims as they gained new information.

For our next professional development session at Phoenix Academy, we will be asking teachers to consider their own routines in the classroom and to consider the principles behind them. Are they routines or rituals?


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