Learn English in Perth

General English classes at Perth’s Phoenix Academy are available from Beginner to Advanced levels and comprise 23 hours of English language tuition per week (equivalent to 29 lessons) delivered in six week modules throughout the year. The Academy's comprehensive syllabus allows students to learn English in Perth in a supportive setting and ensures that speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are covered every day with grammar, vocabulary and syntax studied in context.
The main features of the General English Course are:

  • Emphasis on fluency in oral language skills in the lower levels.
  • Accuracy and expanded vocabulary and complex structures (context and syntax presented at the higher levels).
  • Many language levels to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Interactive, student-centred teaching style.
  • Regular progress counselling.
  • 3 hours of optional Special Focus Classes or Self Study.

.GEC class

Available as two 1.5 hour sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at our Perth English school, the Special Focus Studies classes allow students to focus their studies on a particular skill or area of need or interest from the choices available in any given 6 week module. Special Focus choices may include:

  • Pronunciation and Speaking Skills
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Business Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Job Skills Preparation Class
  • English for Hospitality

More Information 

Commencement dates 
Every Monday
Hours per week 23 hrs/wk (29 lessons)
Levels Beginner to Advanced
Course length 2 to 48 weeks
Class size Average 14
Requirements None
Fees (2019)
Enrolment fee:
A$230 +

A$410/wk (01 - 11 weeks)

A$405/wk  (12 - 23 weeks)

A$400/wk  (24 - 35 weeks)

A$395/wk  (36 - 48 weeks)

 Sample Week: General English Course Perth Timetable

GEC timetable