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New Generation (Evening)

CRICOS Code: 011045G
Commencement Dates: Any Monday
Course Duration: 2 to 48 weeks
Course Times: 5:30pm - 9:30pm, Monday - Friday
Course Hours: 20 hours

The New Generation English classes provide you with quality evening English language classes in Perth.

The Academy’s comprehensive syllabus ensures that speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are covered every day with grammar, vocabulary and syntax studied in context.

New Generation English Course

  • A serious English program where the learning is flexible and is designed to get you where you want to be and still leave you time to enjoy your life!
  • Classes from Elementary level upwards – pathways to further studies available
  • Optional Special Focus Classes
  • Access to Online English Learning Resources
  • Levels: Elementary (A1+) to Intermediate (B1)

New Generation English Course / IELTS Preparation

  • Designed to prepare students for the IELTS General and Academic examinations, as well as improve General English
  • Focuses on exam tasks and strategies in the four exams and delivered as a rolling curriculum with each week being
    dedicated to one of the skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening and also Grammar analysis and Vocabulary enhancement.
  • A choice of General or Academic Examination
  • Achieve IELTS 6.0 for Post Study Work Visa
  • Add on online learning IELTS Preparation component available
  •  3 week exam skill focused cycle
  •  Levels: Intermediate (B1+) and above

Special Focus Studies (Optional)

Available as two 1.5 hour sessions every Tuesday and Thursday (2:00pm - 3:30pm), the Special Focus Studies classes allow students to focus their studies on a particular skill or area of need or interest from the choices available in any given 6 week module.

Special Focus choices may include:

  • Strategies for IELTS
  • Communication Skills
  • Advanced Writing Reports/Essays
  • Grammar & Writing
  • Pronunciation Skills

Sample Timetable

New Generation English
2:00 pm - 4:30 pmSpecial Focus ClassSpecial Focus Class
5:30 pm - 7:00 pmGrammar & Vocabulary
Personal interests / Sporting activities
Grammar & Vocabulary
Present tenses - Simple V Continuous
Grammar & Vocabulary
Feelings & personal states
Grammar & Vocabulary
Present tenses - time expressions / phrases
Grammar & Vocabulary
Reading Skills Focus
Introduction & general reading strategies
- Learn how to speed read
- Dealing with different task types
- Skimming & scanning
Reading Skills Focus
- Dealing with unfamiliar vocabulary
- Task approach: matching
- Sentence completion
Reading Skills Focus
- Parallel expressions
- Grammatical clues
- Task approach: forming a general picture
Reading Skills Focus
- Scanning for specific information
-Matching multiple choice
Reading Skills Focus
- Summary completion
- Distinguishing fact from opinion
7:00 pm15 minute break
7:15 pm - 9:30 pmWriting Skills Focus
Introduction to the writing exam:
- What is the IELTS writing module?
- Test taking tips
- Achieving the minimum number of words
- Presenting your writing well
Writing Skills Focus
Describing trends:
- Line graphs
- Examining the axes
- Interpreting data
Writing Skills Focus
- Formal vs Informal
- What to avoid
- The passive
- It constructions
Academic vocabulary:
- Adjectives ending in -al
- Word partners
Writing Skills Focus
- Stating purpose in a letter
- Requesting information in a letter
Writing Skills Focus
Writing exam practice & feedback
Speaking/Listening Skills Focus
Introduction & general speaking strategies
Speaking/Listening Skills Focus
Part 1: Discourse skills for talking about yourself
- Presenting yourself
- Relationships: Describing/using nouns and phrasal verbs
Speaking/Listening Skills Focus
Part 2: Discourse skills for talking about a topic (monologue)
- Keeping going
- Describing places
Speaking/Listening Skills Focus
Part 3: Discourse skills for talking about opinions and critical thinking
- Personal priorities
- Comparing & contrasting
Speaking/Listening Skills Focus
Exam practice
part 1, 2, 3

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