English for Young Learners

This unique program is specially designed for young leaners between 6 and 11 years of age. What better way to introduce your child to English than through this fun & age appropriate course. Phoenix Academy provides the perfect study environment with a curriculum full of communicative and interactive learning, an international mix of kids in each class, and all taught by our experienced young learner specialist teachers in our safe & friendly campus.

English for Young Learners Program Key Benefits:

  • Flexible start dates & course duration
  • Expert English teachers who are young learners specialists
  • Creative activites, songs, music, drama and cooking all part of our interactive program
  • Weekly progress feedback and 6 weekly reports
  • Suitable for ages 6 to 11
  • For parents wishing to study (parent & child) , special prices may apply.

More Information

Commencement dates
Start any Monday
Hours per week 23 hrs/wk face to face
Levels Beginner to Intermediate
Course length 2 to 48 weeks
Class size Average 15
Ages 6 to 11 years
Fees (2019)
Enrolment fee:
A$230 +

A$465/wk (01 - 11 weeks)

A$460/wk  (12 - 23 weeks)

A$455/wk  (24 - 35 weeks)

A$450/wk  (36 - 48 weeks)

+ A$475 Academic Service Fee (01 - 23 weeks) 

+ A$500 Academic Service Fee (24 - 48 weeks)

Special Conditions

Student must stay with & be escorted to/from school by a Parent or a Parent appointed by Chaperone

For parents wishing to study (parent & child) , special prices may apply.