High School Preparation

The objective of the High School Preparation Program is to prepare students to enter mainstream formal secondary education in Australia or another English speaking country.
  • Intensive study of English Language - grammar and functions.
  • An understanding of studying and learning in Australia.
  • Language development for secondary school subjects.
  • Reading and note taking strategies and skills.
  • Essay writing skills.
  • Oral communication and listening skills.
  • Debating, discussion and oral presentations.
  • Study skills and research skills.
  • Computing for Academic Purposes

The course covers English for teenagers in Australia seeking the opportunity to study in an Australian high school.

Phoenix Academy offers a comprehensive placement service at both Non-Government and Government High Schools.

Non-Government School Placements
Non-Government schools are also known as Private, Independent, Catholic or Grammar schools offering:
  • A choice of co-education or single sex education.
  • A choice of day or boarding places.
  • Excellent education and sporting facilities.
  • Outstanding pastoral care and support.
  • Locations which are close to the city.
  • Wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Guardianship arrangements.

Government School Placements
Government schools offer:
  • Choice of schools throughout Perth.
  • Excellent education and sporting facilities.
  • Schools specialising in music, sports, art and more.
  • Guardianship arrangements.

HSP class

Commencement dates 
Jan to Apr, Jul to Aug, Oct to Dec
Note: students may commence any Monday, however the full Academy Orientation Program will only occur on the dates indicated above.
Hours per week 23 hrs/wk (full-time)
Levels Beginner to Pre-Advanced
Course length 2 to 48 weeks
Class size Average 15, Maximum 18
Requirements 12 - 17 years old
Fees (2019)
Enrolment fee:
A$230 +

A$420/wk (01 - 11 weeks)

A$415/wk  (12 - 23 weeks)

A$410/wk  (24 - 35 weeks)

A$405/wk  (36 - 48 weeks)

Academic Service Fee

A$425 for students continuing to high school

Sample Week: Academic High School English Timetable
HSP timetable