Cambridge Examination Courses

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The Cambridge University Examination Courses offer you the ultimate verification that you have been externally assessed and graded. Many companies around the world require a Cambridge Advanced Certificate for employment, promotion and recruitment.

Phoenix Academy has over twenty years of experience in successfully preparing thousands of students for the Cambridge Examinations. A large team of specialised Cambridge teachers who are trained to know the syllabus and examination intimately will ensure your success.

Special features of the CAE Cambridge English courses include:

  • Pre-qualifying entrance examination available in your home country.
  • The latest course books are used, providing comprehensive study of all the skills required to pass the examinations.
  • Examination practice, including mock examinations, are an integral part of the program.
  • Extensive self-access materials are available for each examination.
  • Computer laboratory for self-study.
  • Individual coaching by our expert teaching staff for advice on your personalised self-access program.



This course is designed for students who should already be able to communicate easily in most everyday situations. It is particularly suitable for students who need to use English at work or for study. Students who would like to take the CAE Course need to pass the CAE entry test at an Upper-Intermediate level before being accepted. The Academy offers the opportunity for strong CAE candidates to study in the CAE Preparation Course and also enrol in the Cambridge Proficiency Examination (CPE) if they wish. This is recognised by DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) as equivalent to IELTS 6.0 for entry to Australian universities.

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Commencement dates  February 5 / April 30 / July 16 / October 22
Hours per week 23 hrs/wk
Levels Advanced
Course length 6 weeks
Class Size Average 12, Maximum 14
Requirements Upper-Intermediate (CAE)
Enrolment fee:
A$230 +

6 week course: A$2910  = A$2469 (tuition) + A$450 (program fee)

Program fee includes Examination Fee, Books and Materials.