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Diploma of Business – University Pathway (BSB50215)

CRICOS Code: 087142M
Commencement Dates: 20 Jan (2020) / 6 Apr / 29 Jun / 14 Sep / 18 Jan (2021)
Mid Term Commencement: 24 Feb (2020) / 11 May / 3 Aug / 19 Oct
Hours per Week: 20 hrs/wk average
Course Length: 6, 9 or 12 months
Class Size: Average 16
Requirements: CEFR B2 / IELTS 5.5 or equivalent + Year 11 min

Entry to second year university

The Phoenix Diploma of Business in Perth offers students a pathway to second year university. On successful completion of the Diploma of Business at our Perth campus and meeting university minimum entry requirements, graduating students from the Diploma in Business are able to transfer to the relevant undergraduate degree program with a year of advanced standing at Curtin, Murdoch, Edith Cowan and University of Western Australia.

This course is ideal for students who didn’t attain the academic entry requirements or get the ATAR they were hoping for to achieve direct entry to university. This course offers an alternative pathway to university.

(incorporates BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business)


  • Communications 500 (501, 502)
  • Information Systems 500
  • Legal Framework 500
  • Accounting 500
  • Economics 510
  • Management 510 (511, 512, 513, 514)
  • Marketing 510 (511, 512)
  • Research Skills and Business Statistics 500

Subject Information

Accounting 500

This unit provides students with the skills and knowledge required to report financial activity for business purposes. It includes understanding the accounting theory including cash and accrual accounting concepts. Students will also gain an understanding of financial management requirements within an organisation, including implementation of financial management approaches, teamwork ethics, and supporting team members involved in financial operations and financial control. Students will also be exposed to financial trends, cost benefit and risk analysis, including reviewing and evaluating financial management processes in line with financial objectives. Students will also gain an understanding of accounting software, and its relevance to the Australian work practices.

Communications 500

This learning program provides students with the range of skills required to communicate in a modern business or academic environment. Students will learn how to effectively plan, draft and produce a range of business documents using the Microsoft Office suite and related software. Students will also plan, deliver and evaluate a number of presentations, developing an awareness of their own skills as well as the importance of context, purpose and audience. There is a strong focus on academic skills such as research and note taking, time management, academic integrity and critical thinking.

Research Skills and Business Statistics 500

This course deals with gathering, organising, analysing and presenting information. It also examines statistical techniques commonly used in business environments, including both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Students will develop their research skills and gain practice in interpreting trends, market development, market performance and market data.

Legal Framework 500

This unit introduces students to the Australian legal system and the principles of Australian business law. This unit also provides students with the skills and knowledge required to identify and comply with the regulatory, legal, taxation and insurance requirements, and other regulatory requirements for business operations.
Students will also gain an understanding of how to identify risks and to apply established risk management processes that are within a person's own work responsibilities and area of operation.

Information Systems 500

This unit aims to provide students with a general background of Business Information Systems (BIS) and its role in contributing to organisational success. Students are introduced to the tools and processes required to assess & implement an effective BIS for an organisation.

Marketing 510

This unit includes an overview of marketing and it role in business and the economy. Students will learn the essentials of the marketing mix, how to plan and review the marketing process and research new markets. There is a strong focus on customer needs and preferences and ethical marketing practices.

Management 510

This unit provides students with an introduction to the discipline and practice of management, with a particular focus on strategies for managing yourself, managing others and managing operational plans. Topics include: goal setting and managing priorities, unlocking peak performance from staff, assigning and delegating to build effective work teams, developing, managing and monitoring plans, solving problems and making decisions, and ensuring quality and continuous improvement.

Economics 510

This unit assists learners to develop a sound knowledge of the Australian economy (both micro and macro). Students will gain understanding in the forces of supply and demand, how businesses use economics for decision making and Government and reserve bank policies including fiscal and monetary policy. In addition, learners will be provided with opportunities to develop the critical, analytic and communication skills necessary to create and communicate meaning from economic data and information.

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