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Nationality: Swiss
Year of Study: 2012
Total Duration of Course(s): 12 Weeks
Course(s) Studied: -
Current Occupation: Student
It was a awesome time in Phoenix. Because after this three month I learnt that much English what I wanted to learn. The reason why I have learnt English was not just my discipline, it was also the regulated day running in Phoenix.
I finished my high school in Switzerland, I am travelling again in South America and in the States at this moment.
Nationality: Slovak
Year of Study: 2006
Total Duration of Course(s): about 1 year
Course(s) Studied: General English, OEFIC, FCE course and General Emglish
Current Occupation: hairdresser
good support from Kate Tarrant
I was a star at Phoenix, thanks to Kate Tarrant. a two years ago I was at Melbourne for study hairdressing and it was not good cooperation like at Phoenix.
Nationality: Thai
Year of Study: 2013
Total Duration of Course(s): 3 weeks
Course(s) Studied: General English
Current Occupation: Chemistry student
Phoenix, the place made me have knowledge, new friends, new experiences. That make me feel very happy when I think about everything in Phoenix
My English skill is developing more and more since I graduating from Phoenix. I wanna be thank every teachers and Phoenix team for their care.
Nationality: German
Year of Study: 2004
Total Duration of Course(s): Two weeks
Course(s) Studied: "Upper-Intermediate" English class.
Current Occupation: Software-Engineer
Awesome, fun and most efficient two weeks of English learning in my life.
After I came back from Australia, I started my courses in computer science at university. I graduated two years ago and started working at a small company here in Karlsruhe. I still work there today.
Nationality: Swiss
Year of Study: 2009
Total Duration of Course(s): 6 months
Course(s) Studied: Intensive course & Advanced
Current Occupation: Administrative Assistant
That was awesome!I had the chance to be with the best teacher ever: Craig!!And Rhonda,she was also a great teacher,thanks to her I could passed the Advanced exam!
I have loads of good memories,B&B in the school,Parties (thks to Simone Sala for all the tips!),Surfcarnival and Cards game in the yard!
I have been traveling around Australia for 2 months, then back to my country in Switzerland and found directly a job as secretary... because no more money !
Since then I'm working and traveling around Europa, still using my English knowledges with people from around the world :-)
Nationality: Japanese
Year of Study: 2015
Total Duration of Course(s): 12
Course(s) Studied: General English Course
Current Occupation: -
I decided to study in Perth as I was looking for a something different to my home town of Tokyo. I liked the idea of a smaller capital city with a nice community and made the choice to come to Perth. To help me by guaranteeing a job a decided to do Phoenix Academy’s General English Course and Job
Club Gold. After looking at my experiences they found a great job for me with friendly hours working at a Guest Service Clerk at Hostel called Beatty Lodge nearby to the school which is very similar to job I held back in Japan.
Nationality: Swedish
Year of Study: 2003
Total Duration of Course(s): 3 month
Course(s) Studied: English
Current Occupation: -
It's the best thing I ever done! Still got friends from all over the world who I met at Phoneix.
I'm been studing art at the university in Sweden and now I work as a museumteacher.
Nationality: Colombian
Year of Study: 2013
Total Duration of Course(s): 6 months
Course(s) Studied: General english
Current Occupation: Studying
It was a great experience. I met incredible people from all around the world, actually, they are still my friends, and i have a home in different places thanks to that. Also thay can go to my country whenever they want. I especially remember the Australian day. :)
i came back to my country to finish my studies. Now i'm very close of that, and thanks to phoenix and all my experience in Australia i have an internship in Germany, and i don't know how to speak german, i will survive with english in Intershtuhl, a very important furniture company.
Martin B.
Nationality: Swiss
Year of Study: 2002
Total Duration of Course(s): 4 weeks
Course(s) Studied: Privat Tuition
Current Occupation: Licensed Aircraft Lead Engineer
It was a fantastic time at Phoenix, still have contact to other students I met and enjoyed many happy hours.I would like to experience this time again.
after the time in Perth, I worked as an Aircraft Engineer and later Licensed Aircraft Engineer for SR Technics and now Swiss Air Lines where I got the promotion to my current position as Licensed Aircraft Lead Engineer.
Nationality: Swiss
Year of Study: 2007
Total Duration of Course(s): 3 months
Course(s) Studied: FCA
Current Occupation: office clerk - customer service
It was a great experience: We had a lovely teacher and friendly classmates from all over the world. With some I am still in touch! I loved the garden area, not many schools have this. Also the activities were fun!
Graduated in CAE after a course in New Zealand, Auckland. After that I went to Australia and worked on farms and travelled around for 9 months. Now I'm working in a international company where I can use my English every day!
Nationality: Chinese
Year of Study: 2013
Total Duration of Course(s): 4 weeks
Course(s) Studied: High school preparation
Current Occupation: Student
It is totally enjoyable and I can make a lot of friends with different nationality.
Improvement have been shown in english. I have more confidence in speaking english in front of people.
Nationality: Indian
Year of Study: 2013
Total Duration of Course(s): 3 months
Course(s) Studied: General English for academic purpose
Current Occupation: Study Civil engineering
Great fun and most important things l learn lot of things for English language
Thank you very much for making my English good
Missing multicultural friends and Teachers
Nationality: Japanese
Year of Study: 1990
Total Duration of Course(s): -
Course(s) Studied: -
Current Occupation: Business man at American Company
When I arraived Perth/Phoenix I couldn't speak English at all. But when I graduate the Phoenix I became that not having problem about living in English culture.
Nationality: German
Year of Study: 2013
Total Duration of Course(s): 1 months
Course(s) Studied: General English Course Advanced Level
Current Occupation: Student
I met so many wonderful people at the Phoenix Academy and at the same time I improved my English more and more - what else could I wish for?
After my graduation at Phoenix Academy I extended my time in my host family and therefore my job as an Au Pair in Perth. After 6 months I started my travels throughout Australia and all in all I had the best time of my life!
Nationality: French
Year of Study: 2008
Total Duration of Course(s): 4 weeks
Course(s) Studied: English course (Intermediate)
Current Occupation: Energy Engineer
It was an amazing experience : many unforgettable meetings, a lot of exchanges, good teachers, ... I will remember (during all my life) Craig's courses as well as the school's atmosphere.
I think it was a good example for the australian spirit. I'm feeling nostalgic now.
I was graduated and I become an Engineer in energy sector I'm working for an important company in Oil & Gas. Maybe I will return to Perth one day for my job(I hope).