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2018 Brochures and Publications


Phoenix General Brochures

2017 Phoenix Summary  Fees2014  StudentHandbook     

English Courses

2017 Phoenix Brochure thumb  2017 NGE  2017 iPEPT     


University Pathways

2018 Pathway         

Junior Programs

2018 Junior  2017 YL  2017 HSHP     

Teacher Training

2017 CELTA  2017 DELTA  ITE     

Corporate Training


Study & Work Options

2016 Demi Au Pair Flyer v1 Demi Pair & Au Pair Application Form      
Working Holiday Maker Program Gap Year Job Club Application Form and FAQ Diploma of Business Work Ready 3  

Study Tours & Recreation




Essential Pre-Departure Information



Hosting a Student/Demi Au Pair



Other Languages

Saudi Arabia-01 Arabic


Indonesia-01 Bahasa Indonesia


France-01 French


Germany-01 German


Italy-01 Italian

2017 it WHM Booklet         

Japan-01 Japanese

2017 jp Gap Year  2017 jp HSHP  2017 jp MU  2017 jp WHM     

South Korea-01 Korean

2017 kr HSP Booklet  2017 kr YL Booklet  2017 kr Promotion     

Brazil-01 Portuguese

2017 br Uni Pathway Booklet  2017 br New Gen  2017 br Promo     


Russia 01Russian


China-01 Simplified Chinese

2017 cn Uni Pathway Booklet  2017 cn HSP Booklet  2017 cn HSHP Booklet  2017 cn YL Booklet   


Hong Kong-01Taiwan-01 Traditional Chinese

2017 tw Gap Year Flyer         

Thailand-01 Thai

2017 th Uni Pathway Booklet  2017 th HSP Booklet  2017 th HSHP Booklet     

Vietnam-01 Vietnamese